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Tanque Verde Ranch Resort

The Tanque Verde Ranch Resort, a beautiful Tucson Resort sitting on 60,000 acres, has been a ranch since 1868, and a dude ranch since 1908. The dude ranch has been a venerable Southwestern tradition since at least the turn of the 20th Century, and few places carry that tradition on with more style and fun than the folks at Tanque Verde Ranch, an historic, all-inclusive resort-ranch in Tucson’s east side. This amazing desert property about a 30 minute drive east from downtown, at the base of the Rincon Mountains, offers all kinds of Old West-style activities, so many that you likely won’t leave the grounds much.

It’s not the cheapest Tucson Resort; the 76 ranch house-style rooms and suites, many with fireplaces and patios, go for about $275-$350 per person, per night. However, that price is all inclusive, and comes with three meals a day, horseback riding, outdoor BBQs, guided mountain biking and more. There are big indoor and outdoor pools, hiking trails and children’s activities galore, as well as tennis courts and evening entertainments.

Tanque Verde Ranch Resort is one of the more family friendly Tucson resorts, offering several kid’s programs that feature activities like horseback riding, arts and crafts, tennis, hiking and more. You can also find good summer vacation rates if you’re willing to brave the heat.