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Canyon Ranch Resort and Spa

Canyon Ranch Resort and Spa, perhaps Tucson’s most famous resort, is representative of what the other top resorts offer. Here you can not only pamper yourself silly with spa treatments (an activity sure to lead to optimum, albeit temporary, good health), but then it’s off to appointments with a staff nutritionist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, and internist.

A personal trainer will work with you on keeping in shape long-term, while a meditation class will help you get in tune with your spiritually. In fact, the resort has listed over 40 fitness classes and activities designed to complement each other and offer an overall great way to exercise.

After one of your three gourmet (but healthy) meals a day, you can attend lectures and classes on various topics in healthful living.  For an experience so meaningful, it’s not surprising that you’re going to have spend accordingly.

A minimum four night stay at Canyon Ranch Resort is going to set you back about $2,600 per person-$9,000 per person depending on time of year and accommodations. That’s all-inclusive, however. For that price you get three gourmet meals a day, spa treatments galore, consultations with all the medical professionals on staff, and unlimited activities.

The high season at Canyon Ranch is mid-September- mid-June, after which, as it is with all Tucson’s resorts, prices drop rather dramatically and you can often find good resort summer specials. The resort offers specials in the late summer to entice last minute resort-goers, with names like the “Pack-n-Go” and “Opportunity Knocks.” There are additional specials and packages available on their website to help encourage a visit to this wonderful Tucson all-inclusive resort.